Mitch Dobrowner Landscape Photography

Mitch Dobrowner’s B&W Landscape Photography

Our November meeting featured Mitch Dobrowner and his incredible digital B&W landscape photography. We managed to capture a portion of his presentation on his journeys in the southwest and that is presented here for you enjoyment:

Mitch Dobrowner – 1

Mitch Dobrowner – 2

Mitch was very candid about his process and answered questions from the audience as he went along. Although we only caught a portion of his first set, after the break he went on to show dramatic work from his series on storms and urban landscapes. Mitch also graciously displayed a set of Epson prints and most attendees stayed to view these luscious fine art prints and talk to Mitch in person.

Beautiful work and a wonderful presentation! is Live

Greg Dyro, LADIG board member and host of our June Meeting at Warner Bros. Studios, has formalized his entertaining series of Wacky Hacks bits at our recent meetings with the launch of his official website!

Here you’ll find all of Greg’s recent discoveries in the world of unusual DIY (do it yourself) photo tricks, techniques and accessories.