At our August meeting, landscape photographer Erik Haake demonstrated the use of Luminosity Masks in Photoshop, to selectively affect different tones in an image. Responding to numerous requests from our members, I will present a full explanation and demonstration of what Luminosity Masks are, and how to use them, at our October meeting, on Thursday evening October 24!

We’ll start with some basic masking concepts, then create masks from channels, and from the Select Color tool in Photoshop. We’ll also show how the Luminosity Range control, in the local adjustment tools in Lightroom (the gradient filter, the radial filter, and the brush) can also be used to target a limited tonal range!

We’ll see how we can combine different versions of the same image (developed in LR or in ACR), optimized first for the shadows, then for the highlights, into one finished image that can span a huge contrast ratio, without the strange tonal artifacts of HDR. We’ll answer all your questions – and you’ll leave in command of a huge new ability to control your images!

Admission is free, but we’d appreciate a donation to help keep LADIG afloat. Every donation enters you into our monthly raffle (free tickets are not)

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