From the very beginning of photography’s history, artists have carried huge cameras and full darkrooms into the mountains, in a quest to replicate the awe they experienced in the midst of nature – and have found that translating the real world into a small flat image was unexpectedly difficult! Even today, landscape photographs are either boring or cliche, and almost never recreate the experience.

Come meet Erik Haake, a young photographer who hikes into wilderness with a very heavy tripod and a full thought-out and practiced workflow, to create images that impress and connect! Erik will talk about his evolution from early unsuccessful attempts, to his current method of planning, hiking, finding compositions, setting up the camera in the ideal spot, capturing many images, and post-processing them together into a finished unforgettable photograph!

See his work at, and come watch him show his images, and his post-processing workflow of combining images for deeper focus and wider tonal range, at our August 22 meeting: 6:30PM for social time, and at 7PM for the presentation, at our new location, the Community Room in the 8000 Sunset Boulevard mall in West Hollywood. Parking is in the underground garage, and free validation is available in the Trader’s Joe or Starbuck’s!

Admission is free, but we’d appreciate a donation to help keep LADIG afloat. Every donation enters you into our monthly raffle (free tickets are not)

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