Today’s advertising photography has to build a visual identity for a brand, through believable moments of lived life, that tell a story that feels authentic and emotional!

Come meet Michael Dorman, an award-winning advertising lifestyle, automotive, and sports photographer!

Michael has built a strong reputation for capturing the beauty of fleeting moments. Specializing in documentary-style commercial and editorial work, he photographs with a strong emphasis on narratives, with a skill for capturing filmic moments that tell a story with quality and authenticity.

For Michael “…it’s all about creating and capturing those little unscripted instances. I don’t like to direct talent to pose or act out a specific action. Instead, we create the story and the narrative and then step back to let the scene develop organically into those spontaneous moments caught when everyone’s forgotten that a camera is there”.

Michael and his team are adept in large-scale productions, as well as small guerilla-style shoots.

Michael will discuss the constant challenge facing creative photographers: staying inspired and motivated! “Our brains are programed to build and repeat patterns. It helps streamline our days and simplify how we interact with the world and keep us safe – but how do we both avoid and utilize the daily distractions of life to help feed creativity?”

Showing his work, and discussing his approach to self-motivation and inspiration, Michael will encourage you to push your own boundaries, and make new, surprising images every day! 

Join us on Thursday evening June 20, in West Hollywood, to see Michael Dorman show us his images, and inspire us to create! We’ll start at 7pm, but come at 6:30 to socialize and snack, then stay for the lecture and to have all your questions answered. www.ladig.org

We have a new location, the Community Room in the 8000 Sunset Boulevard mall in West Hollywood. Parking is in the underground garage, and free validation is available in the Trader’s Joe or Starbuck’s!

Admission is free, but we’d appreciate a donation to help keep LADIG afloat. Every ticket bought (not the free ones….) enters you into our raffle drawing!

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