May 16: Rick Chou: CGI is Photography!

The future is here! The seamless blending of CGI (computer generated imagery) and photography surrounds us in most high-end advertising – and it will grow exponentially in the next few years!!! As the entire imaging industry undergoes a revolution, the photographers who take charge of integrating CGI into their images, with awareness and ability to match perspective, lighting, resolution, contrast and color, will be the ones who succeed!

In this presentation Rick will provide a quick overview of his visual history, then deconstruct a couple of images, showing the incredible complexity of integrating CGI with image elements, and creating a believable composite! He will address the various issues involved, and walk through a few case studies, timeline to finish… In addition, he’ll show retouching notes and before-afters. Rick will also explain how to manage work flows, internally and with clients. Rick will show work samples done through traditional retouching as well as combined CGI, both in still images and in animations.

Rick Chou has had a long career in advertising photography, capturing everything from Apple products to Lexus cars, from Jessica Alba to Jennifer Lawrence, winning awards for his creative thinking and his artful lighting. In 2010 Rick co-founded BLUE SKY CGI, a CGI and creative retouching boutique. A response to years of seeing agencies integrate CGI into his photographic images, with not-always-successful believability. Today, Blue Sky is comprised of six CG/Retouching artists and a select roster on standby. Rick ensures quality by hiring exceptional talent that is both adept at rendering and knowledgeable about lighting. That Rick and his team have been able to come together and advance from chasing the trail of change to being change-makers is a testament to their creativity and ingenuity. Taking an active role in his career path, Rick has successfully created a niche by combining modern technology with photography expertise.

Join us on Thursday evening May 16, in West Hollywood, to see Rick Chou explain and demonstrate CGI! We’ll start at 7pm, but come at 6:30 to socialize and snack, then stay for the lecture and to have all your questions answered, and mind expanded!!

We have a new location, the Community Room in the 8000 Sunset Boulevard mall in West Hollywood. Parking is in the underground garage, and free validation is available in the Trader’s Joe or Starbuck’s!

Admission is free, but we’d appreciate a donation to help keep LADIG afloat. Every ticket bought (not the free ones….) enters you into our raffle drawing!