April 18: Lisa Carney: Beauty Retouch with Frequency Separation

Nothing ruins portrait images faster than bad skin retouching – see the vast majority of portraits on the photography enthusiasts sites with that “plastic doll/plastic wrap” skin that screams “fake”!!! Frequency Separation is the most common and flexible technique that retouchers use to smooth and cleanup skin, while still preserving fully-realistic texture – and it’s not that difficult to master, if implemented correctly, and used smartly (“… with great power comes great responsibility…”)

Lisa Carney has been a top Hollywood entertainment and beauty retoucher for more years than she looks! On top of her extreme work load (some weeks she’ll grip a Wacom pen for maybe 100 hours) she is also a renowned teacher and lecturer, from Adobe MAX to WPPI to APA seminars to private workshops! How does she do it all? It’s in her extraordinarily positive attitude and “isn’t-this-fun” approach to every challenge!

Join us on Thursday evening April 18, in West Hollywood, to see Lisa Carney explain and demonstrate Frequency Separation! We’ll start at 7pm, but come at 6:30 to socialize and snack, then stay for the lesson and to have all your questions answered, and mind expanded!www.ladig.org!

We have a new location, the Community Room in the 8000 Sunset Bouldevard mall in West Hollywood. Parking is in the underground garage, and free validation is available in the Trader’s Joe or Starbuck’s!

Admission is free, but we’d appreciate a donation to help keep LADIG afloat. Every ticket bought (not the free ones….) enters you into our raffle drawing!