Sept 18: Dennis Dunbar – retoucher to the film industry – on Color Grading!

Color has a profound impact on the story your images tell. Changing the colors of the highlights, mid-tones, and shadows will change the tone and message of your image. A strong color treatment helps tell the story more clearly and with more impact. It will elevate your images and give it a unique look, ultimately to be identified with your own brand.

In this talk Dennis Dunbar will demonstrate how to first analyze the color in your images, and then put yourself in control of color grading process, using Photoshop plus a really cool service from Adobe! Using the site, together with a variety of adjustment layers in Photoshop, including Selective Color, Solid Color Layer, Hue&Saturation, and Gradient Map, along with Luminosity Maps, Dennis will demonstrate how to dramatically improve your images!

Dennis ( is a highly sought-after digital retoucher in LA. Working at the highest levels of the entertainment industry, he composites film posters and “improves” the images of celebrities.

Join us at 6PM for social time, and at 7PM for the presentation, at our usual location, Plummer Park, 7377 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.

Admission is free, but we’d appreciate a donation to help keep LADIG afloat. Please register on the form below: