May 23rd: Stephen Burns, Layer Masking without Layer Masks

Stephen Burns brings his love of Photoshop compositing art to LADIG on May 23rd.

This month, he’s going to talk about using Photoshop’s Apply Image command for compositing multiple images, masking, and controlling color through the use of layer blend modes.

Join Stephen Burns and learn a slick way to control details, contrast and color using the Apply Image Command.  This is one of the few least understood workflows in Photoshop for using masking results without using layer masks.

You will get an understanding of layer blend modes, masking concepts and color control.  So don’t miss this as it will change how you edit your images in post.

Stephen Burns is a digital artist and author of books on being creative with your digital tools.  He is an Adobe AEL (Adobe Educational Leader) and teaches digital creativity at Otis School Of Arts & Design, Santa Monica and Golden West Colleges.  He is also the president of The San Diego Photoshop Users Group which is currently the largest Adobe Photoshop Users group in the country. Stephen is a regular presenter on Adobe Twitch every Tuesday mornings from 7am – 10am.

Our May event will take place May 23rd at Plummer Park in West Hollywood. Doors open at 6pm and we’ll get rolling at 7pm.

Admission is free but we’d appreciate a donation to pay for the snacks and help keep LADIG afloat.

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