April 25th: Mobile HDR, Color Toning, Photoshop round-tripping: New Techniques to Improve Your Photos

Our April 25th meeting will be a triple threat  onslaught of creative ideas for your photographic images! Our three in-house experts will show you how to take your images to the next level.

Daniel will show you how easy it is to make HDR RAW images in Lightroom, and demonstrate the new HDR Camera mode in Lightroom Mobile.

Greg will perhaps rekindle your love affair with Photoshop by showing you how easy it is to go from Lightroom to Photoshop and back.

And while you’re over in Photoshop, George will talk about color toning – making the entire image match the color of the subject, and the creative possibilities it inspires.

Our April event will take place April 25th at Plummer Park in West Hollywood. Doors open at 6pm and we’ll get rolling at 7pm.

Admission is free but we’d appreciate a donation to pay for the snacks and help keep LADIG afloat.

Register on the form below.