April 19: Cloud-Based Photography Workflow

iCloud, Creative Cloud, DropBox, Google Photos: everybody’s got a cloud,¬†and probably more than one!

These cloud-based facilities are changing the way we store and disseminate our images, making flash drives and CD-ROMs a thing of the past.

At our April event, we’ll be talking about what the cloud can do for you.

This event will be held at the Apple Store, 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica. Space is limited, so sign up in advance below:

4 Replies to “April 19: Cloud-Based Photography Workflow”

  1. The tickets indicate May 8, 2016 for the Apple store event. the event is scheduled for April 19th.
    I assume 4/19 is the correct date and ticket date is incorrect. Therefore I will sign up tomorrow.

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